Tritons Flooded the Trojans to a Loss

There was no horsing around in this final game of the regular high school football season. Two teams at the top at the top of the FRCC, one would win.

The beginning of the game was pretty evenly matched as both teams were running the ball, catching it, and making plays. One thing was for sure that there were a lot of penalties this game, affecting both teams. It wasn't until almost the end of the 1st quarter when Joshua Komis ran the ball into the endzone for the Trojans. Would not be long after when Tritons would tie the game up, ending the quarter at 7 to 7. Same thing as the first quarter, Komis would run the ball into the endzone again with only a couple of minutes left on the clock. Early in the 3rd, Jonathan Santaga would blast the ball down the field and then get caught and run in for a touchdown by Michael Gregoire. All tied up the Tritons would end the back and forth, and get another touchdown in the 4th. Finally the Tritons would score one last time to secure the win.

FINAL SCORE: Tritons 28 - Trojans 14

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