Paper Beats Rock in Kimberly Wisconsin

It was a beautiful summer evening at Kimberly High school Friday night, where the Kimberly Papermakers played against the Neenah Rockets. A lot was resting on Kimberly as they had 43 consecutive wins, fighting for 44. In order to beat the all time record for WIAA Football they will need 49.

With only a few minutes into the game Zach Miller made it in for a Papermaker touchdown. Papermakers fired up would make the score 9 to 0 for the first quarter. The 2nd quarter was were it became interesting starting with a field goal. Then with 3 minutes left on the clock D.J. Stewart from Kimberly slipped through and scored touchdown. Soon after Logan Morrow from Neenah answers back, receiving their first 6 points of the night. However immediately after Kimberly scores again, this time with a deep through to D.J. Stewart. Kimberly would score only once in the 3rd quarter, but during the 4th was when both teams really put up a fight. First Neenah with Raycc Prosser's catch. Next was D.J. Stewart once again making a huge play. Finally with 24 seconds left Sam Diedrich would throw a long pass to Logan Morrow ending the game.

Paper Beats Rock, 39 to 20.

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