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Growing Healthy

Growing Healthy: Fall Clean-Up Continues

It's time to shut down the Growing Healthy garden for the season. This morning we composted our garden leftovers and laid down a simple mulch to replenish the soil over the winter.

  • Growing Healthy: Kale Chips

    Growing Healthy: Kale Chips

    We all know potato chips can go straight to your belly, so we have a healthier alternative in this week's Growing Healthy. Kale is part of the spinach family and among ...

  • Growing Healthy: Cracked Tomatoes

    Growing Healthy: Cracked Tomatoes

    The hot and humid weather we saw through June and the first half of July would typically lead to a bumper crop of tomatoes. But the significant rains that followed ended ...

  • Growing Healthy: Heirloom Vs. Hybrid

    Growing Healthy: Heirloom Vs. Hybrid

    Heirloom plants and seeds are becoming more and more popular in our gardens and with good reason. But there are some misconceptions and garden experts say there are still plenty of ...

  • Growing Healthy: A Harvest That Could Make You Cry

    Growing Healthy: A Harvest That Could Make You Cry

    Knowing when to harvest your onions can be tricky. There are a couple key indicators which tell you if an onion is ready to go.

  • Growing Healthy: Gardening On A Whole New Level

    Growing Healthy: Gardening On A Whole New Level

    Building a raised garden can be a lot of hard work at first, but for the long haul, it may save your back and knees.

  • Growing Healthy: Kohlrabi?

    Growing Healthy: Kohlrabi?

    Low-Carb diets have become very popular over the years, which has many people looking for potato alternatives.

  • Growing Healthy: The Magical Fruit

    Growing Healthy: The Magical Fruit

    We've already harvested our raddishes and left behind is still some perfectly good soil. This is an ideal location for planting some of our late season veggies, including beans.

  • Growing Healthy: Tomato Protection

    Growing Healthy: Tomato Protection

    An unknown pest has been snacking on our tomato plants. There are many ways we can try to protect our garden from insects, rabbits, and even deer.

  • Growing Healthy: Two Peas In A Pod

    Growing Healthy: Two Peas In A Pod

    With all the warm weather our pea vines quickly grew up our trellis. And after just a few short weeks it's time already to harvest.

  • Growing Healthy: Beneficial Flowers

    Growing Healthy: Beneficial Flowers

    In this week's Growing Healthy we find out what flowers help keep away garden pests and which ones we can actually eat!

  • Growing Healthy: Soaker Hose

    Growing Healthy: Soaker Hose

    Even with the recent stormy weather, we are behind on rainfall making it even more important to properly water our garden. In this week's Growing Healthy, Brian and Jamie explore the ...

  • Growing Healthy: A Slim and Trim Garden

    Growing Healthy: A Slim and Trim Garden

    With the recent warm weather it's easy for your garden to grow too fast, leaving your veggies over-crowded. It is important to periodically thin out your plants, which will maximize the ...

  • Growing Healthy: Heating Up

    Growing Healthy: Heating Up

    It may be a bit chilly out there this morning, but it's still heating up in our garden with an assortment of peppers and tomatoes

  • Growing Healthy: Growing Vertical

    Growing Healthy: Growing Vertical

    Having enough space can be a problem when growing a garden in the city. So it's always a good idea to plant some vine vegetables that can grow vertically

  • Growing Healthy: Planting Onions

    Growing Healthy: Planting Onions

    Onions come in all shapes and sizes making it easy to cater to your garden's size.

  • Growing Healthy: Vermiculture

    Growing Healthy: Vermiculture

    You may want to think twice about taking your trash to the curb. Turns out garbage has an awesome use for our garden with a little help from worms

  • Growing Healthy: Planting Greens And Radishes

    Growing Healthy: Planting Greens And Radishes

    Our garden is starting to fill up as more greens and radishes are planted in this weeks Growing Healthy.

  • Growing Healthy: Frost Protection

    Growing Healthy: Frost Protection

    In this week's "Growing Healthy" we show you the best way to protect your garden, preserving the veggies you may have already planted.

  • Growing Healthy: Planting Spinach

    Growing Healthy: Planting Spinach

    Even with the cold April nights, it's time to starting planting some of our favorite veggies! We start the growing season with "cold-hardy" spinach. Brian and Jamie go through the planting ...

  • Growing Healthy

    Growing Healthy

    After taking the winter off, it's time to start "Growing Healthy" again! The "Growing Season" was off to an extremely early start in March, but now the April chill has returned. ...

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