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Belly Dance Classes Beginner to Intermediate

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Navah Mirage Presents basic belly dancing and intermediate classes at: Fancy Dancer Studio 821 S. Huron Rd. Suite D, Green Bay, WI. 54311 This is a 9 week class on Tuesday nights at 6:35PM - 7:35PM for beginner and 7:47-8:45 PM for intermediate. Starting February 7th and ending Aril 10th 2012 Cost for this session is $96.00. This equates to only $10.66 a class. Drop ins are welcome at a cost of $12.00 each class. If you are just curious, new, or looking for something to do this class is perfect for you. This Belly Dance shake it up class is designed to help you better understand the movements that create the structure of belly dance. Teaching techniques through isolations and muscular training we will focus on movement break downs so that you begin with the correct techniques to perform any of the common moves, such as upper body undulations , chest circles, hip circles, drops & shimmies'. This all adds up to a great workout, however the goal of the class is proper technique and to prepare you for the next level of belly dance. Once fundamental movements are comfortable to you, it is time to develop your skills to yet a deeper level of grace and elegance. Intermediate is next. As each dancer has learned the necessary tools to perform at this level, they are also expressing more and more of their unique and beautiful personality in their dance. This challenging class is designed to continue offering new material for each individual. (Keeping belly dance fresh and new.), to develop grace and elegance in the performance, and to add to your own unique style of belly dance. You will always come away with something new from week-to-week, session-to-session, year-to-year. Props may be used is some sessions. Class attire is fitted comfortable clothes. No skirts so as instructor can see the knees and lower back position. Example: Full fitted or half coverage top (as to see tummy) Yoga pant, Stretchy pant, or shorts with or without hip scarf or coin belt and bare feet. Hip scarves are available to purchase. To register please call (920) 915-3179 or email for more information.

Occurs weekly: Tuesday (6:30 PM to 7:30 PM) [starting Feb 7, 2012 ending Apr 10, 2012]
Contact Name: Jennifer Kornowske
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 920-915-3179

Belly Dance Class
Fancy Dancer Studio 821 S. Huron Rd. Suite D, , Green Bay, WI 54311

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